Roller Blind

Sturdy and durable aluminum outdoor roller blind, OWEADO offers customization of windproof fabrics in different materials to protect your outdoor privacy and prevent mosquito invasion. With manual or motorized control, it can be installed in outdoor pergola or wall-mounted for window shading.
If you are a retailer, engineer, bathtub factory, restaurant, cafe, we offer wholesale outdoor roller blind that can provide you with rain and shade solutions – become an OWEADO partner today!


Factory Customized Outdoor Roller Blind For Pergola

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors. However, a swarm of pesky bugs and terrible allergens can turn a lovely family fun day into a huge inconvenience. Most people want their outdoor fun with an indoor experience. Patio roller blind is a great way to enclose your space. Patio roller blind keep your family and friends from the bothersome outside elements. At Oweado, you can customize the tint of your patio roller blinds to conceal your patio space or blend in better with the decor of your home。

Outdoor Sunshade Electrical Window Roller Blind

Oweado Sunshade Electirc Roller Blinds are made of high quality aluminum and fiberglass+PVC, it is waterproof, durable and tear-resistant, outdoor service life is 5-8 years. The shading rate of the standard model is 95%, effectively blocking heat and UV rays, preventing the sun from damaging your skin. Offers options of roller blinds with 99% and 100% shading rate.

Meanwhile, Oweado Sunshade Electric Roller Blinds also provide privacy protection for your outdoor living. Use roller blinds to create a private outdoor space for you.

blackout roller blind for outdoor


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