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Oweado Roller blinds are designed for outdoor activities and have a frame made of aluminum and fabric made of fiberglass and polyester. windproof roller blinds have a zip that runs along a PVC slider and never snaps.

  • The pergola roller blinds can be operated manually or by remote control.
  • The roller blind components are treated with powder coating for weatherproof outdoor use.

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How An Roller Blind Work

Oweado Zip Blinds are an insect and water-resistant solution to outdoor shading, they can be fixed to the window or used as a pergola four-sided privacy curtain, the perfect way to provide a shading effect.

Unlike curtains, roller blinds can be neatly tucked away in a square box when not in use. zip Screen is also very easy to operate, with both motor-operated and manually-operated options.

Using the zip system means better tension on the roller blind fabric and ensures that the screen is always perfectly proportioned and wrinkle-free. Ideal for keeping out rain and insects, you are free to enjoy the sun and breeze outdoors knowing that you are not letting anything into your outdoor space when using the roller blinds and also blocking out your neighbors.

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Why Do I Need A Roller Blind For My Outdoor Space?

Durable and weather-resistant

Unlike indoor window treatments OR outdoor roller blinds made of bamboo and wood, the aluminium material used in our pergola roller blind has stronger physical properties, with an outdoor-specific powder coating that won’t damage or lose colour in harsh weather. The retractable design prevents shedding due to outdoor weather. The motorized version can be opened and closed automatically with the addition of a wind speed sensor and humidity sensor.

Easy to operate

With the roller blind you don’t have to bother with extra building or renovation work, it only takes three steps to install the side shelters for your pergola. They are also perfect for decks, patios, and other types of gazebos. oweado roller blinds will withstand the elements and keep outdoor areas dry and comfortable.

Weather resistance

An added advantage of roller blinds is their weather resistance – they can withstand and maintain their luster regardless of harsh weather conditions. Don’t worry about the roller shades fading when exposed to harsh sunlight for long periods of time. The powder-coated aluminum is resistant to most outdoor erosion.

Easy to maintenance

Unlike most window treatments that get dusty over time. They are also difficult to keep clean, roller shades can be cleaned of dust with minimal attention. They are virtually maintenance-free. Simply wipe with a damp cloth or remove dust particles and dirt.

Children’s Safety

Since there are no cords to hang, motorized outdoor blinds move in a zip-slider fashion, eliminating the risk of children or pets getting tangled or caught.

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