Electrical Retractable Roof

Whether your business has extensive experience with retractable roofs or is just starting to expand into the awning industry. But now you can boost your business growth with attractive retractable roofing systems. At OWEADO, we offer high quality wholesale aluminum retractable roofs with the most attractive designs on the market.

If you are a retailer, engineer, bathtub factory, restaurant, or cafe, we offer wholesale retractable roofing products that can provide you with rain and shade solutions – become an OWEADO partner today!


Patio Electrical Retractable Roof

Electrical Retractable Roof adopts the design of folding and putting away, the vertical is a fixed track, the track is designed with a circular transmission belt and sliding module.

According to customer demand, multiple tracks can be juxtaposed, increasing the width and strength of the folding canopy, making the folding canopy more stable; the horizontal is a fabric rod, the rod is designed with a light slot, according to customer demand optional light.

Between the track and the track through the motor driven transmission rod, so that the sliding module in the track back and forth movement, so as to achieve the folding and putting away. 

The bottom beam unique elastic tension design, to ensure that the fabric is taut, forming a wind-resistant effect.


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