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Aluminum Louvered pergola manufacturing

Oweado’s aluminum louvered pergola factory has 15 years of experience in production and a diverse range of bespoke designs. This enables us to offer OEM customization services to customers all over the world with great efficiency and consistent supply capacity.

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The specific aluminum pergola manufacturing process can be modified to suit the design requirements.


How Aluminum Pergolas Are Made

The OWEADO factory is located in a specialized metalworking area in Guangzhou, China, and produces over 10,000 square meters of aluminum pergolas as well as other shade products every month.

Based on modern machining lines and an experienced technical team, our aluminum pergola production is for outdoor sunshade scenarios such as hot tub&swim spas, gardens, and golf.

Our manufacturing process includes the design of the pergola, the cutting and punching of the aluminum material, the waterproofing between the louvers, the installation of the motorized moving parts, the testing, and the crating.

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Electric System Manufacturing


How To Produce A Set Of Aluminum Pergola

#1. Raw Materials For Manufacturing Aluminum Pergola

The main raw material we use for manufacturing glass bottles is aluminum 6063 T5. It has high plasticity and high stability, which is suitable for making louvered aluminum pergolas.

#2 Material Cutting Process For Making A Pergola

The raw material is put into the cutting machine and the posts are cut out. Then the aluminum blades are assembled together with other accessories. The general aluminum pergola is 2-4 columns, if there is a custom need to exceed the maximum size of a single zone it needs to be spliced design.

#3 Making Louvered Parts

Aluminum pergola louvers are manufactured in either curved or straight louvers, depending on the method of operation. Straight louvers are generally used on medium to heavy-duty aluminum pergolas to provide higher and more stable load-bearing and wind resistance. Before assembling the louvered blade and top beam, the factory should
Punch a good installation hole. It is easy for customers to install.

#4 Installation Of Electrical Components

The mid to high-end Louvered pergola will be equipped with an automatic Louvered roof system, which requires electrical wiring and operating controls on the louvers. Generally, the electric aluminum pergola is equipped with a motor on the crossbeam, which is available in both internal and external models. The inside-mounted motor will not affect the appearance of the pergola, however, the small space for inside mounting will result in the insufficient thrust of the motor and more noise. The externally mounted motor will add a motor protection shell on the top beam, the motor can operate normally and run quietly.

#5 Accepted Customer Design

Oweado Aluminum Pergola Factory has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing outdoor products. Our product line supports the production of various aluminum pergola modules. We also have a dedicated design team to assist customers in optimizing their drawings and designs, your most trusted manufacturer – oweado.


Professional Outdoor Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers From China

At oweado, we have more than 15 years of expertise in the development and manufacture of aluminum pergola. We are committed to providing companies with a one-stop solution for the procurement and development of shade furniture aluminum pergola.

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